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We know that science has given us far too many things and had made our life worth living from making a pin to a rocket are all the gifts of science. If we wish for outdoor entertainment we can go and see a film or do a variety of other things.

Science is a friend of man. It provides discipline of mind. A deadly disease like TB has been conquered. It has made life simple, easy and fast. He has become independent of the climate.

Wonder Of Science Essay

The air we take in is extremely polluted and causes various diseases. Now man depends on artificial means enjoying life.

These are just a few examples. In fact we can not think of our modern life and civilization without science. Tractors, power-pumps, fertilizer, high-yielding varieties of crops and irrigation techniques have revolutionized agriculture. Advantages of Science How Science has changed our Lives?

The Nuclear power plant is a serious threat to the humankind and the environment, The Bhopal gas tragedy that took place in took lives of thousands and many were permanently disabled due to the poisonous gas leakage.

This can give us eyes to see, ears to hear and legs to walk. Wonders of Science Essay 2 words Introduction Science and its fabulous inventions have brought a revolution in various industries.

There are also electric trains, printing press, cookers, irons, sewing machines etc. Cleanliness has bettered human life. These inventions have not only helped in industrialization but have also made our living easy and comfortable. We can travel hundreds of miles within a short time by cars,buses,trains,lunches and steamers.

Nowadays there are slight or no possibilities of an infant getting disease because births now happen in hospitals under the supervision of specialized staff. Conclusion Science that was very beneficial in the early age of scientific inventions and discoveries has now turned out to be equally terrible for the mankind.

Essay On Discipline Science has given many wonders that gives a great opportunity for everyone to reach their own goals and realize his own dreams.

Disadvantages of Science Science has made some inventions that have proved to be destructive for the humankind. They have conquered space,distance and time. Science has helped us to make education popular.

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Similarly, from invention of needle, scissors, and sewing machine to the invention of heavy industrial machinery has done wonders in the industrial field. Science has spread education among people.

Thus speedy travel is possible only on account of the wonders of science. He did not even know how to make a house or a hut, how to speak, read or write. Modern science has been shown insights about the Universe that were unimagined just a few generations ago.

The waste these industries produce is often thrown in the rivers and other water resources leading to water pollution. It has save time. The greatest achievement of science is our firm attitude. Science has made our life easy and comfortable with its innovations.

It knows on defeat.Wonders Of Science Shakib Sinha HIS Mark Chambers May 6th, Wonder of Science Twentieth century science and theology had both produced whereabouts that. Science is a blessing for mankind. Its positive side that is the service of mankind makes it bright and beautiful.

When we look at science as a blessing, we find that science has made the World a wonderland. Modern man owes almost everything to the wonders of scientific inventions and discoveries.

Long and Short Essay on Wonders of Science in English Wonders of Science Essay 1 ( words) Introduction.

Essay on Wonders of Science

Science is a blessing to the mankind. It makes man’s existence comfortable. Wonders Of Modern Science Essay ,television,radio,tape recorder,gramophone and and V.C.R etc. for our teachereducationexchange.comsion is one of the greatest wonders of modern teachereducationexchange.com can see the pictures of the whole world on the screen of teachereducationexchange.com can hear songs and musics,enjoy drama,dance,debate teachereducationexchange.com can see the world figures.

Science has changed the face of the world. It has also revolutionized the life of man. Man can now live a longer and more comfortable life because of the progress of science.

Man has conquered Nature with the help of science. The wonders of Science have contributed to the comforts and pleasures of. Jan 03,  · wonders of science “ Men love to wonder and that is the seed of science ” (Ralph waldo Emerson) Modern science has evolved over long period, and has now reached the peak of teachereducationexchange.com: Shahni.A.

English essay wonders of science
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